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Venue Documentary | The author of the huge collection of paintings
Update time:2022-01-19 Views:471time

On January 4, Mr. Li Xiang, vice-chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, professor, Shandong painter and one of the authors of "Guotai and Min'an" visited Qingdao International Conference Center.

Qingdao International Conference Center Welcome Hall

The huge Chinese painting "Guotai and Min'an" with the theme of the sunrise on Mount Tai is 25 meters wide and 8.41 meters high. It was jointly created by Li Xiang, Yang Wensen, Han Shuge and Lin Muyan.

Mr. Li Xiang told everyone about the creation process of this huge painting.

The painting took eight months to complete, and the painters created it in Beijing and then shipped it to Qingdao. The traditional Chinese painting also works with writing and small freehand painting, with Taidai as the creative theme, close-up view of green pines, waterfalls in Longtan, and miscellaneous trees dyed green; middle view of misty clouds, majestic mountains, cloud steps, and Nantian Gate The distant view is surrounded by mountains and peaks, the sunrise in the east reflects the earth, and the Yellow River rushing into the sea makes the heaven and earth blend. Yu means prosperous times and auspiciousness, the country is eternal, the country is peaceful and the people are safe. Mr. Li Xiang said that this is the largest painting he has made so far, and it is also the largest painting with the theme of Mount Tai.

Mr. Li Xiang took a group photo with the painting "National Peace and Peace"

Mr. Li Xiang took a group photo with Mr. Wang Xiaozhi, Chairman of Qingdao Tourism Group, Ms. Xu Xiaobin, Chairman of Qingdao International Conference Center, Ms. Yang Xiao, Owner and General Manager of Qingdao International Conference Center, and venue staff.

In the future, Qingdao International Conference Center will continue to dig deep into the cultural connotation of the venue, vigorously promote the SCO cultural genes, and continuously enhance the vitality and influence of the SCO culture. We will invite more creators of artworks from the summit to share their creation stories with us, and sincerely welcome every artist to come back to "home" often.